Run Coaching

Do you need a training plan for your next race? Or need some guidance through the medium of regular coaching to help you achieve your goals? Expert running coach Michelle Mortimer can help you achieve your running goals, and support you every step of the way.

“I don’t believe in generic training plans; every person is an individual and a training plan should reflect that. As a coach, my job is to enable a flexible approach to training, by paying attention to how your body and mind respond to the training we set. Often, my role is one of encouragement and guidance in pursuit of your goals. Sometimes, my role is to hold you back a little to prevent over training, so we can help you achieve your objective. I will be there every step of the way with you.”

Coaching | £50 per month

Do you need a running coach in your pocket? Somebody who you can ask advice of at any point during your training, somebody to be accountable to, who has designed a flexible training programme specifically for you?

After assessing your current training and determining your goals, I set you up on my online coaching platform and provide a training schedule personal to you, where we will ensure we are training intelligently by listening to your body carefully. For example, if the plan calls for a hard session on a particular day, but you are feeling fatigued (you might have had a big work or family event the day before), we can shift our plans around quickly and easily so they are in sync with your energy levels. This package is particularly useful for planning training around the peaks and troughs of hormone levels throughout the menstrual cycle. Payment schedule for this is monthly, and includes a regular phone call or video call with me for support.

What your coaching package includes:

  • Initial consultation with me, either on the phone or via email.
  • Access to the Xhale online coaching platform and app
  • Training plan personalised to you. 
  • Changes can be requested via Xhale at any time, making the plan truly flexible to you.
  • Regular coach check in, over the phone or via email.
  • One free face to face training session per month if you are local to me
Event Plan | £125

A personalised training plan of up to 20 weeks, designed especially for you leading up to a specific event.

Your plan will include all your races leading up to your main event, workouts specifically tailored to you and your ability, plus a check in with me each month via email or over the phone where we can discuss your progress and make any changes necessary to your plan. 

What your Event Plan includes:

  • Initial consultation with me, either on the phone or via email.
  • Event training plan personalised to you, accessible via the XHale online coaching platform and app.
  • Monthly coach check in, either via phone or email.
  • Changes to your plan can be requested at our monthly check in, making the plan flexible to you.
  • Check in with me prior to your event
  • Post event review

Please note that payment for this option is required in advance. Please allow two weeks from initial enquiry to plan delivery.

One to One Training Sessions | £20 per hour

A great opportunity to have your running technique assessed, or to have a coach available to motivate you through intervals and talk you through running drills.

£20 per hour within a 15 mile radius of Bolton BL6 with discounts available for coached athletes.

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