As a keen runner, and a running coach, I LIVE in my running kit with my Lycra on a constant cycle through run, wash, dry, run, wash, dry, so I am always on the lookout for great, comfortable kit that does a good job. Shock Absorber is up there with the top sports bra brands, and I already own one of their Ultimate Run Bras, so when Boobydoo asked my to review their latest Ultimate Fly Bra, I jumped at the chance. Literally.

First impressions were:

  • Loved the colour. Grey is a fab colour for a bra in my opinion, as it won’t fade with plenty of washing, and it can go in with the darks or the colours, rather than sit in the whites basket for ages. The lime green also made it look really funky and I could envisage myself wearing it as a crop top, well, you know, when I eventually give up chocolate and carbs and get those abs I’ve been promising myself for, ooh, years.
  • Very comfortable to wear – couldn’t feel any seams that might chafe and it was easy to put on. My Ultimate Run Bra has me twisted like a contortionist trying to fasten it, but I like the double back fastening of this one. It also felt very soft, compared the the Ultimate Run Bra which feels a bit scratchy on my skin.
  • It felt a little loose and very lightweight, so I wasn’t convinced it would give me much support.


I took it out for a run straight away, obviously. I forgot I had it on. No uncomfortable bouncing, no chafing, and the best bit was it didn’t seem to hold the sweat against my skin which can often cause me a rash. It was a hot evening, but it felt nice and dry and comfortable, and most of all, supportive! Shock Absorber was aiming for the “second skin” sensation with this bra, and I really think they’ve cracked it. They say: “The 3-layered glued fabrics dissociates breast movement, absorbs breasts external movements and inner movements, supporting breasts by its anatomical molding shape. In other words, your breasts won’t move. The straps are non-slip and adjustable, while the band is brushed elastic to reduce friction and chaffing. The double back adjustment gives evenly distributed support across your back and shoulders, while a full back opening allows for breathability.”

I’ve worn this bra a lot, it has washed really well, and it’s earned its place accompanying me on a 100km adventure next week. Thank you for the opportunity to try it out Boobydoo!

Here’s the link to the Shock Absorber Ultimate Fly Bra on the Boobydoo website.

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