We runners spend a lot of money on kit, don’t we? But how much thought do we give to our underwear, the piece of kit that’s closest to our skin and can cause chafing or irritation if it’s not right?I’ll be honest; I’m an ex-commando runner. I used to forego underwear because normal pants are just so uncomfortable aren’t they? I’d either spend half the run trying to fish them out of a hungry bum, or I’d get home to horrible chafing. Very unpleasant. But in winter, bottoms get cold, and sometimes an extra layer is very welcome. I was recently asked to try Underun performance running underwear in return for some feedback on the product, and for the past couple of months I’ve been giving them a very thorough testing. I’ve worn and washed and worn and washed and worn and washed them. And do you know what, I can’t really fault them.

Here’s what I think after two months of testing:


I forget I’m wearing them if I’m quite honest. The fit is really good, although the briefs ARE big knickers. But running pants aren’t about fashion or looking sexy; they’re about comfort. So bring on the big comfortable pants. And these are certainly comfortable; like a second skin.


It important to me to have running kit that allows my skin to breathe as it sweats. These briefs have good ventilation as they stay dry, rather than cling onto sweat. This is especially useful to me when I’m out doing long training runs, to enable me to stay comfortable and feeling fresh.


I like the vibrant colour choice. I was sent a pair each of the black and turquoise briefs, and a pair each of the G-string style in both black and orange. I wasn’t expecting to feel comfortable in the G-string style, but they are seamfree so I actually forgot I was wearing them. Both the briefs and the thong sit high up around the waist, which makes them comfortable to wear.


This is the main reason I’m a pants convert, especially at this time of year; the briefs keep your bottom lovely and warm in winter! I’ll be saving the thong style for when it warms up in spring or summer.


With other kit I have, especially running underwear, after a few washes they tend to wear out, lose their vibrant colour, and gain a bit of roughness that can then lead to chafing or irritation. The Underun briefs have washed really well. The care instructions advise to wash at 30 degrees and dry naturally, and after two months of almost constant rotation of the 4 pairs I have, running five/six times a week, they still all look as good as new. The ladies’ briefs and the G-string retail at £19.95 per pair, or twin packs for £35. Men’s styles are also available. See the Underun website for more details. All in all, I’m very impressed

NB. I was provided the Underun briefs and G-strings free of charge, but my review has not been influenced in any way. I will always review a product honestly.