I have been lucky enough to have been a Runderwear ambassador for the past year, and Runderwear have kindly sent me lots of kit to try out so I thought I would share my favourite pieces of kit and explain why I like them so much.

I have been using Runderwear products for around 3 years now and the running briefs are so comfortable, which is why I decided to apply to become an ambassador this year. I’ve had the opportunity to try out the products during a lovely summer on the trails, and also during a very wet autumn and winter of marathon training, so they have had a thorough testing.

Here are my favourites:

Women’s running briefs

I love these briefs. I’ve been using this product for years and they’re still my favourite. They sit high up on the waist and are so comfortable. There’s definitely no chafing, they dry quickly, and they’re so comfortable. I wear them ALL the time. I also have the smaller cut hipster version, but I prefer the fit of the bigger briefs, they just feel comfier.

Women’s running hot pants

I mean for starters, the colour of the hot pink hot pants is amazing!! I love them. These are comfortable, and I’ve been using them mostly for doing exercise at home as I do prefer the shape of the briefs when I’m out running, especially longer distance. If you like a bigger style of pants though, these are brilliant, and very comfortable.

Women’s merino running briefs

I’m a big fan of merino wool, particularly in the winter. These pants are the same fit as the standard briefs, amazingly comfortable and great at keeping your bottom warm in the cold.

Original support running bra

This is a really comfortable and supportive sports bra. I wear a C cup and am a size 10-12 and this bra gives me so much supports. It sits very snugly and I forget I’m wearing it most of the time. No chafing at all on long runs, probably because it fits so well so doesn’t move around. It comes with pads, but these are easy to remove.

Low impact running crop top

I have quite a few of these crop tops and these are another product I’ve worn for years. I don’t generally wear them for running as they don’t give me enough support, but they’re great for gentler exercise like yoga and Pilates. I also wear these in bed a lot if I have painful breasts (usually when I’m pre menstrual). Such a comfortable crop top and one of my most worn Runderwear items.

Running base layer

My favourite winter base layer. Very comfortable, nice long fit, really handy mitts on the end of the sleeves to keep you hands warm, and dries quickly so you’re not getting too cold if you’re sweating, really important in winter. I’m going to buy myself another of these ready for winter training.

I especially like how this top can suit a cool spring morning or a cold winter day. This was on a 21 mile marathon training run back in February.

Anti blister running socks

These socks have two layers to help prevent blisters forming. They’re a little thicker than normal socks as a result but they’re very comfortable. A super marathon training sock for putting in those long miles.

In summary, all the products I’ve tried are great quality and they have washed and washed really well, and are still really comfortable. Just a word of note about sizing: I have found sizing quite generous with the Runderwear products, and good fit is such a big part of helping to prevent chafing so ensure you choose a size that won’t be too big so it’s not moving around too much. This particularly applies to the underwear, where you don’t want it rubbing on your skin.

Many thanks to Runderwear for the opportunity to be a brand ambassador, and I will continue to love wearing all your products.

Warning: PBs certainly aren’t guaranteed with the PB pants, but a positive mental attitude from wearing them certainly helps!