As a runner, the prospect of airing my feet over summer is always a terrifying one. Not for me, but certainly for those observers who have to witness blisters, and missing or black toenails. I was offered a pair of OOFOS to try, so I jumped at the chance. I’d heard good things about how comfortable they were from other runners in my network. I was very excited to try a pair out.

I chose the Women’s Ooriginal in the brightest colour, just to draw attention to my running-battered feet all the more! OOFOS do also come in a slider version if you don’t like the thong style, useful if you wear compression socks after a run.

oofos thong flip flops in a bright orange colour

First impressions

After a quick pedicure and coat of nail polish my feet looked surprisingly ok apart from the blisters leftover from my previous half marathon. I slipped into my new OOFOS …

oofos throng flip flops on a pair of feet, with toes painted a glittery purple
“Oooh, aaaahhh!” They were the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. I felt like I was walking on air! Having suffered from Achilles issues in the past I have to be really careful about my choice of shoe now.¬† The arch support in these is great. They have quickly replaced my slippers as my everyday indoor footwear.¬†OOFOS market themselves as recovery footwear. They promise that their shoes “are engineered to help your feet recover more quickly than other footwear”.

How do they perform post-race?

I was of course keen to try them out after a race. I had the Conti Lightning Run coming up. A 12 hour trail event seemed like the perfect opportunity to give them a thorough test.

Sadly the weather was not the type of weather where you wanted your feet exposed to the elements, but actually I discovered the Ooriginal style worked in perfect harmony with my Injinji socks. I got a few strange looks, but hey, my feet were walking on air, remember?

oofos thong flip flops worn with black injinji toe socks

The verdict

I really like these shoes, and putting them on after a race, being able to air your feet and slip into something comfortable, really is a luxury! The arch support feels really good for tired feet and legs. The foam is really comfortable so I can see how they help with recovery.

oofos thong flip flops worn as everyday footwear

You can browse the OOFOS website here: