Sterydry U.K. were looking for #OutdoorBloggers to try out their new shoe drying and deodorising product so as a keen trail runner I got in touch and volunteered to test it out.


I was quite excited to receive the product – it was packaged up in a really nice box – and I was looking forward to testing it out with XC season upon us. 

Anyone else who runs trails or cross country regularly will know the torture of getting home after a gloriously muddy run, hosing down your legs and feet with freezing cold water in the garden, then stuffing your shoes with newspaper several times throughout the next few hours in a vain attempt to dry them off again ready for the next day’s run. I’ve gone to such extremes of having to rotate 4 pairs of trail shoes, not just because I’m footwear obsessed, of course, but because putting on damp, musty smelling trail shoes when you’re about to head out on a new trail adventure, is sole destroying (sic). Pun intended. 


We have, over the years in our house, tried all sorts to get shoes clean and dry ..


Only joking on that last one  …

..but we’ve never found a better option than good old newspaper to get them dry. Until now. 


Now there’s often a queue for the Sterydry. 

Sterydry promises the following on its packaging:

  • Strong sterilizing 
  • Quick heating and drying
  • Automatic start & stop
  • Digital display
  • Quiet operation

Things I like about the Sterydry. 

The Sterydry is really simple to use. I unpacked it from the box, clicked the dryer air pipes into place, plugged it in, and it has an automatic setting so that when you put a shoe on it, it automatically starts sterilising for 5 minutes, then dries for 20 minutes. The time of sterilising, the time of drying, and the temperature can all be changed, and can all be used manually. I have been told off before by Keith at my local running shop The Lincolnshire Runner for drying my shoes on the radiator, which can shrink the soles, so the fact you can adjust the temperature to dry the shoes is a plus point. No more newspaper – I have never been so excited!!

The nicest thing about Sterydry is that it’s neat – it lives in a little corner of our kitchen, and it’s in use most days. No more damp trainers, and no more smelly, soggy scrunched up newspaper. 

The Sterydry claims to remove odours and kill fungus – which is a plus point for me given some of my recent runs!  Given our recent bog adventures at Hellrunner, I’d be surprised if anything on the market could remove all the baddies. The musty smell is still there slightly, although nowhere near as pongy. They definitely smell fresher. 

The Sterydry does operate very quietly, as advertised, which is a plus point considering it is on a LOT with two keen trail runners in the house. 

Things that the Sterydry could do better

The product doesn’t dry the heels as well as I would have hoped, because the shoes are upright, any water drips down into the heels of the shoe. I think with damp shoes that are just wet from having walked through long grass, this isn’t an issue, but if like me you like running through rivers or use a hosepipe after a run to blast all the mud off, or like to give your shoes a nice bubble bath every now and again to get them smelling even fresher, shoes that are very wet take a lot longer to dry. That said, I can still wear shoes with a damp heel and not notice, because as long as the sole is dry, I’m comfortable. 

To dry a pair of shoes that has been thoroughly hosed down takes around an hour of drying. A pretty good turnaround in my opinion. 

At £1.50 for a semi-decent newspaper (I’m talking volume, not judging editorial content here) you would probably use half a newspaper at a time, and given this product would hopefully extend the life of your trainers (and we all know how much runners like to spend on trainers) I would say this product is a good investment and would pay for itself after a while. I know people tend to read newspapers anyway but we actually have been and bought a newspaper purely to dry our running shoes before! Really. 

So what’s my verdict?

All in all a very useful, and effective, product that has become a must-have product in our household now. I couldn’t go back to newspaper now – the Sterydry is just so easy. 

I mentioned earlier that Sterydry sent me this product to review. I hope you feel I have reviewed it as honestly as I can and without any bias. If you would like to have a look at their website, the link is here