I’ve been wanting to try Runderwear for a while, so I put it down to pure serendipity when I won a competition with Oh My Quad magazine for some stunning pink Runderwear.

Confession time: I generally don’t wear underwear when I run because stopping to pull pants out of a hungry bum is neither a good look, nor conducive to a PB, but Runderwear promise “maximum comfort while you run” and “chafe free” so I was keen to give them a thorough testing.

A great test opportunity came up at the Conti Lightning Run, a 12 hour endurance event, so I slept in one set of Runderwear (the low rise hipster and crop top in pink) ready for my 3am alarm and drive over to the race start in Derbyshire for a 6am start, and packed my other set ready for a change later. The first thing I noticed was how unnoticeable it was. It was so comfortable, I completely forgot I was wearing it. Runderwear boldly calls itself “the most comfortable running underwear in the world” and I wholeheartedly agree. There are no seams to rub or chafe, and the briefs and crop top genuinely do not budge while you’re running.

I was a little nervous about how much support the crop top would provide, as I am usually a big advocate of a properly fitted sports bra. However, I ran a 10k trail that morning with no discomfort and again, I forgot I had it on. I did have to change my crop top after my first lap; while Runderwear promises that its “technical fabric is moisture wicking – keeping you drier, longer” I found the crop top had soaked up sweat easily so would have been uncomfortable to stay in it. However, the hipster briefs stayed put all day and are the most comfortable running pants I own! I’ve had my runderwear now for just over a month and have worn them so much, they are fast becoming a piece of kit I couldn’t live without – the crop is also great for wearing on its own for a workout, and they wash great.

Thank you once again Runderwear and Oh My Quad magazine. Highly recommended.

You can purchase your very own Runderwear here: www.runderwear.co.uk

Please also check out Running Dutchie’s Simply Runderful challenge to run the entire length of the Netherlands in pink Runderwear to raise money for the Pink Ribbon Foundation, a UK breast cancer charity. Runderwear are donating 10% of the sale of any pink hipster brief and crop top to The Pink Ribbon Foundation.